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When beginning to coupon, I am sure that all of you are doing an extensive.Have you started visiting coupon blogs and find it difficult to decipher the coupon lingo.

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Couponers are notorious for using acronyms and abbreviations to communicate.Many times the coupons are for related food products and do not specify that a purchase of the bottled item is required.The Coupon Dictionary: Your Guide to Coupon Lingo. PSA: Prices starting at. Q: Coupon. RP:.

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Get free PSA coupon code, promotion, free shipping and discount codes.When I first began trying to decipher all of those codes and terms, I scratched my head in confusion a lot and left many of the.I HEART COUPONS 101. Publix Store Coupon PSA: Prices Starting At RC:.

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Perhaps you have decided to embrace the idea and are ready to start a coupon revolution in.

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Email Signup Sign up for my Email and be the first to receive access to my free designs and printables.Couponing Sound-Off. 32 likes. Below is a list of commonly used coupon lingo and abbreviations: AR:.

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The coupons can be used at the store where you received them.Coupon 101: The Lingo. If you are new to using coupons, just trying to figure out the lingo can be discouraging. PSA: shorthand for.

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Coupon Lingo can seem like a secret language between only those who are into extreme couponing.There are so many coupon abbreviations and slang words used in couponing.When beginning to coupon, I am sure that all of you are doing an.FREE Online Coupon Class - Coupon Lingo for you to preview and watch at your convenience.

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Peelies (for the most part) can only be used in the store where you found it.

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Right click on the link to the coupon to see if it says the stores name or a manufacturer in the coupon code.You will need to check to see if the amount needs to be before the.Generally cashiers will not deduct the price unless you hand them the peelie coupon.

Get the definition of PSA in Internet slang by All Acronyms dictionary.If all you see is BOGO, it generally means if you buy one item, then you get one (usually the same item) for free.

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It can be confusing trying to make heads or tales of all the coupon abbreviations, acronyms and terms couponers use to describe shopping scenarios on blogs.Many of these are found in deal scenarios or even the Faithful Provisions Coupon Database.

This list of popular coupon acronyms should help you understand what the couponers are talking about.

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Often times grocery stores will have days where the value of a coupon is doubled.