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Revelation Online, a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by NetEase (China) will be commencing its 2nd CBT (without data wipe) on 15th Jan 2015.The Nightmare Starlight Garden, also known as the Nightmare Stage, is a Level 93 instance made.

The game is developed by Korean game developer Nvius and published in North America and Europe by Aeria Games.After winning a CBT activation code from one of the events (either through MMOSITE or official site), you will need to activate your account before you can login to the game on 15th Jan 2015.Dragon Nest KR 24th July Update: Moonlord and Saleana Boost, DDN Nerf.Unfortunately, the skill revamp for Screamer is further delayed.Dragon Nest Future Update: EX Skills for Level 80 (updated 5th June 2014).Costume Dragon Nest MOD DragonNest Event Games PC Hair Lancea Skill.

Echo of Soul Online English version has been launched recently.Dragon Nest KR 30th July 2014: Lencea Boost, PVP Skill Balance.Each of these classes can evolve in different ways at level 15 and 45 depending on the choice of the player who.Dragon Nest KR October 10th update: A new mode is introduced for the five lv70 dungeons - Chaos Mode.The build i suggested are for beginners who need some suggestions of skill build for clearing this solo dungeon.

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Moonlord and Saleana are boosted while Desert Dragon Nest gets nerfed.Half sugar shared some latest info and text changes contained in the uistring of DN TW client updated on 22nd April.

This is a guide for Elestra to aid players and give them more insight.

A new lv70 nest has been introduced in Dragon Nest Korea on 15th July 2013.If I were to open the epic weapon costume coupon on an alt character,.Dragon Nest KR 6th Nov 2013: 6-man Challenge Nest, Skill jade, Mercenary Boost.Detailed guide on Desert Dragon Nest final boss Desert Dragon Zakad.Dragon Nest Future Update: Assassin New Job Therapist, Skill Jade Effect.

Here are details of Dragon Nest KR Aug 13th update, including Elestra, Acrobat Boost, Fishing Event, Mercenary System.This page lists items that are somehow (even remotely) useful in the game, and should not always be sold to NPCs.Dragon Nest content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Nexon or its licensors.Pocket MapleStory achieved the number one spot on the Top Free Games charts in Google Play and iTunes App Store within the first week of launch in Korea.

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Revelation Online is a breathtaking MMO where you embark on amazing adventures,.

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Apparently, a new class, WARLOCK will be introduced in Blade and Soul KR soon.The class icon has been found in the client.Blade and Soul: Chaos Destroyer Build for PVE (Updated Level 45 cap).

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Elemental Lord who deepens her mastery with the ice element, making the party deal better damage with the aid of freeze, slowing enemies down with frostbite, she gets freezing spells with Ice sphere and Ice barrier.The uistring for the latest patch seems to contain some info on possible changes for scream and moonlord skills.The Komodo dragon. its claws are used primarily as weapons,. the hatchlings may lie in their eggshells for hours before starting to dig out of the nest.International orders accepted, Pay with Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.The Flame Road EX of Saleana and Line Drive EX of Gladiator have been tested by 2 players in Dragon Nest Korea after their chars reach level 70.Gold is very important in game as it allows you to enhance and repair equipment, buy potions, craft set equipment, craft heraldry plates, etc.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan is a character, merchant and possible invader in Dark.

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Dragon Nest New 32 EX Skills - Updated Animated Gif for Some Skills.Dragon Nest Posted on. boxes for a chance to get the exchange coupons for Velskud weapons.Dragon nest korea official site has just updated a new teaser for the new 8-man raid Black Dragon Nest, expected to be updated in Dec 2013.Revelation Online introduces interesting social interaction contents, such as the social job system.

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Patches. From Dragon Nest Wiki. Removal of Dark Weapon Coupon.Dragon Nest Europe. If you choose to take a Weapon Exchange Coupon out of your Special Storage,.

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The mobile game is developed by NCsoft and distributed by Tencent.The Chinese version of the song will be performed by Jane Zhang.He is one of the founders and leader of the largest English speaking guild in Dragon Nest China: Freedom, with over 200 active members.